Commercial and Residential Inspections

Fire and life safety inspections are conducted annually on all businesses and residential dwellings with three units or more in

order to promote the safety of the community. This is a required service mandated by the State Fire Marshal and a fee is charged for this service.  These inspections are conducted thoroughly and professionally by our fire companies to ensure your customers and tenants are safe from fire hazards.  To understand what our inspectors are enforcing when conducting their inspection click to download an inspection checklist.


The process for conducting annual inspections begins with an initial inspection scheduled automatically in the same month every year.  These inspections are unannounced but should take place within a couple months from the month it is scheduled.  A fee is  assessed for the initial inspection regardless if the building passes or fails inspection.  This fee is based on the type of occupancy of the structure and is approved by City Council.  If the inspection fails due to code violations, a notice is sent and a re-inspection is scheduled.  If violations are corrected and the building passes upon re-inspection, no additional fee will be assessed. If the violations are not corrected by the time of the first re-inspection and the building fails inspection, an additional fee will be assessed. Therefore, it is important to comply with the inspection result notices and have any violations abated before the re-inspection.  Invoices are mailed the month following the passed inspection.


If you should need to reschedule an inspection or if you have questions, please contact the Fire Department's Fire Prevention Division at 510-337-2120.

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