Alameda Municipal Code, section 30-65.3, requires that new construction over a set building cost spend a percentage on installing public art. The following Public Art may be used to satisfy these requirements:


On-site Projects

  • Sculpture; such as in the round, bas-relief, mobile, fountain, kinetic, electronic, or other, in any material or combination of materials;
  • Painting: All media, including but not limited to, murals;
  • Graphic and Multi-media: printmaking, drawing, calligraphy and photography including digital, any combination of forms of electronic media including sound, film, holographic, and video and other art forms but only when on a large public scale;
  • Mosaics;
  • Crafts: in clay, fiber and textiles, wood metal, plastics and other materials;
  • Mixed Media: any combination of forms or media, including collage;
  • Any other form determined by the Recreation and Park Commission, or City Council on appeal, to satisfy the intent of this section.

On-site Cultural Programs

  • Performance arts: theatre, dance, music;
  • Literary arts: poetry readings and story telling;
  • Media areas: film and video, screenings and installations;
  • Education: art lectures and presentations;
  • Special events: festivals and celebrations.
  • Artist-in-residence programs in the arts;
  • Any other form of cultural program determined by the Public Art Commission to satisfy the intent of this section.

On-site Art Spaces or Cultural Facilities that include one or more of the following eligible components: gallery/exhibition spaces, resource libraries, visual arts slide registries, performance spaces, artist studio spaces and arts education facilities which are open and accessible to the public.