Public Art Program

The intent of the City's Public Art Program is to provide art that is easily accessible to the general community throughout the City. The Public Art Program is designed to offer a wide range of artistic styles, themes, and media, all of outstanding quality. The variety of artistic expression is chosen to insure and encourage discussion. Public art can be owned privately or publicly, and is designed to encourage pride in ownership, add value to the community, and contribute to the vitality of the City's economic development.


In March of 2003, the Alameda City Council adopted the Public Art Ordinance (No. 2892), amended in July 2005 (Ordinance 2942). The Ordinance is designed to regulate the placement of Public Art in commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal projects. The Ordinance also sets public art requirements for new construction within the City, as well as the Public Art Commission.

The Public Art Program recognizes Alameda’s historic and maritime traditions and distinguishes it as a special place to live, work, play, and visit. Art is important to strengthen cultural awareness, innovative thinking, lifelong learning, and the City’s sense of community. For further details, please refer to the Public Art Policy Guidelines.


Public Art Application

Synergy Public Art Program Assessment and Recommendations (2012)




Portal, by Jill Turman

Location: Grand Marina






Nautilus, by Jill Turman

Location: Grand Marina




Milestone, by Marsha Finelt-Brook

Location: Park Centre Animal Hospital




Bright Ideas, by Delaine Hackney

Location: Perforce Software




K Gallery Exhibition Space

Location: Rhytmix Cultural Works