Minor Projects

Information on this page is intended to provide greater public outreach to neighboring residents and are intended to be used for review purposes only. Note: It may take up to seven (7) days for the project plans to be uploaded to the City's website. Prior to this, plans may be reviewed at the City of Alameda Permit Center. For questions, please call 510-747-6805.


In order to provide better service to the community, we encourage greater use of the Building Eye website. Building Eye will give you a map view of all recent Planning applications, project status in real time, and quicker access to project plans.  


To access project information, including plans where appropriate, please follow the steps below to access our permit database.

1. Go to: https://alameda.buildingeye.com/planning

2. Enter project address in search box.

3. Click on the map marker (i.e. dot) and a sidebar on the right hand side will open that lists projects for the address. Here is where you will find a basic project summary. If no symbol shows on the map, there is no active project associated with the address.

4. Project Plans (and other documents): To view the project's plans, scroll to and select the “More details” button listed for the respective project in the sidebar.

5. In the new window that opens, click on the “Record Info” tab and select “Project Documents.” A list of available documents will be shown.


Projects considered by the Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator hearings are held as needed. Check the calendar for current meetings. Please note that you must choose the appropriate time frames and boards/commissions from the drop-down menus.


Pending and Recently Approved Design Review Applications

The following planning applications were recently received by the City Planner. Actions by the City Planner may be appealed within 10 days of the decision date or Called for Review by the Planning Board.


PLN16-0403 1116 Buena Vista Avenue (Action Date 10-10-16)


The project consists of a 353-square-foot addition to the second story of an existing two-family dwelling unit. The second story addition will have a hipped roof and the overall height of the building will be twenty five (25’) feet. The addition will add six (6) new windows and new window trim will be added throughout the building. The project also involves adding a new front porch and a 26-square-foot addition at the first story entrance. The porch will feature decorative columns and a shed roof, which will extend across the garage as well. The new roof will use composite shingles to match the existing roof and new horizontal siding will be added to the second story. The project is located within the R-2 (Two-Family Residence) zoning district.

1116 Buena Vista Avenue Notice
1116 Buena Vista Avenue Plans

1116 Buena Vista Avenue Approval


PLN16-0489 121 Creedon Circle (Action Date 10-10-16)


The project consists of the addition of one new casement window at the rear of the second floor. This project is a modification to a previously approved project. The window will match existing windows in the building. The property is located within the R-1-PD (One Family Residential Planned Development) zoning district.

121 Creedon Circle Notice
121 Creedon Circle Plans

121 Creedon Circle Approval


PLN16-0465 2424 Encinal Avenue (Action Date 10-10-16)


The project consists of replacing the existing awnings with new metal louvered awnings over the existing transom windows throughout the building. The project also involves adding a new drive-through canopy and installing new light fixtures. The existing parapet coping will be repaired. The project is within the C-C-T (Community Commercial Theatre Combining District) zoning district.

2424 Encinal Avenue Notice
2424 Encinal Avenue Plans

2424 Encinal Avenue Approval


PLN16-0500 2908 Marina Drive (Action Date 10-10-16)  


The project consists of replacing the existing steps on the front porch and the path in the front yard with an ADA accessible ramp in a single family residence. A portion of the front yard will be re-landscaped to accommodate the new ramp configuration. The property is within the R-1 (One-Family Residence) zoning district.

2908 Marina Drive Notice
2908 Marina Drive Plans

2908 Marina Drive Approval


PLN16-0464 1210 Mound Street (Action Date 10-10-16)   


The project consists of a residential remodel and addition consisting of a rear addition of 426 sq.ft. at the main level and a basement conversion and addition of 839 sq.ft. at the lower level. Four windows will be removed, one window will be replaced, and 20 windows and 2 pair of French doors will be added. The addition will be clad in stucco to match the existing building. The new roof will match existing composition shingles. The property is located within the R-1 One Family Residential zoning district.

1210 Mound Street Notice
1210 Mound Street Plans

1210 Mound Street Approval

PLN16-0498 134 Norwich Road (Action Date 10-10-16)   


The project consists of fire damage repair including the replacement of nine (9) windows and four (4) doors on an existing single-family home. The project also consists of the enclosure of an atrium in the middle of the home, and the replacement of vertical siding with horizontal lap siding around the building. All new materials and windows will be consistent with the existing home. The property is located within the R-1-PD (One-Family Residence – Planned Development) Zoning District.

134 Norwich Road Notice
134 Norwich Road Plans

134 Norwich Road Approval


PLN16-0466 1941 Sandcreek Way (Action Date 10-10-16)    


The project consists of interior and exterior remodeling. Exterior changes will include the replacement of most windows and doors, including the garage door, new paint, stucco repair, and other minor cosmetic alterations. No new floor area will be added and there will be no change to the building footprint except the removal of a small shed at the rear of the building.  The property is located within the R-1 One Family Residential zoning district.

1941 Sandcreek Way Notice
1941 Sandcreek Way Plans

1941 Sandcreek Way Approval


PLN16-0533 828 Laurel Street (Action Date 10-24-16)


The project consists of the resizing of an existing second floor window on the side elevation as part of an interior remodel.  An existing 18”x26” single hung window will be removed and replaced with a 40”x40” single hung window located 36” to the right of the existing window.  The property is located in the R-4 (Neighborhood Residential) Zoning District.

828 Laurel Street Notice

828 Laurel Street Plans


PLN16-0452 845 Oak Street (Action Date 10-24-16)  


The project consists of constructing a new 336-square-foot accessory structure at the rear of an existing single family residence. The accessory structure will include two single hung windows and a French door. The structure will have a gable roof and an overall height of approximately eleven (11’) feet. It will be located 111 feet away from the front property line and will have a rear and east side setback of five (5’) feet and a west side set back of eleven (11’) feet. The project is located within the R-4 (Neighborhood Residential) zoning district.

845 Oak Street Notice

845 Oak Street Plans


PLN16-0461 1611 Pacific Avenue (Action Date 10-24-16)     


The project consists of relocating the front door of a single family residence. The door will be relocated from the east side elevation to the front elevation. New stairs, a new landing and a new window will also be added to the front elevation. The existing opening at the east elevation will be closed, a new window will be added and stucco siding will be added to match the existing siding. As a result, the existing foyer will be converted into a study with a bathroom. The project is located within the R-3 (Garden Residential) zoning district.

1611 Pacific Avenue Notice

1611 Pacific Avenue Plans


PLN16-0232 1208 Saint Charles Street (Action Date 10-24-16)  


The project consists of the demolition of a two car garage built prior to 1942 and the construction of an accessory structure that will have a three car garage and unconditioned space designated as an artist studio.  The proposed accessory structure is approximately 880 square feet which is less than 40% of the required rear yard allowed for accessory structures per Alameda Municipal Code (AMC) Section 30-4.1(d).7.  A certified arborist has surveyed the existing Coast Live Oak trees and has provided a list of protective measures to be administered during construction to protect the health of the trees.  The property is located within the R-1 (One-Family Residence) Zoning District.

1208 Saint Charles Street Notice

1208 Saint Charles Street Plans


PLN16-0539 408 Shell Gate Road (Action Date 10-24-16)  


The project consists of resizing three existing windows on the side elevations of a single family residence.  In all three instances the windows will be enlarged 6” in height.  Additionally an existing exterior side door will be removed and patched over with stucco to match the existing residence.  The property is located in the R-1 (One-Family Residence) Zoning District. 

408 Shell Gate Road Notice

408 Shell Gate Road Plans