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Pending and Recently Approved Design Review Applications

The following planning applications were recently received by the City Planner. Actions by the City Planner may be appealed within 10 days of the decision date or Called for Review by the Planning Board.


PLN14-0682 3264 Adams Street (Action Date 4-21-15) 


This project is a revision to the Design Review application for a three-story single-family home originally noticed on January 29, 2015. This new proposal has been reduced down to an approximately 2,876 sq. ft. two-story single-family home with an overall height of approximately 26 ft. The proposal will result in the demolition of the existing 1,389 sq. ft. one-story home built in 1948, which is not listed on the Historical Building Study List. The existing driveway will be shifted towards the south, widened by two feet, and will not result in the loss of on-street parking.  The project is located within an R-1 (One Family Residential) zoning district.

3264 Adams Street Notice

3264 Adams Street Plans

3264 Adams Street Approval


PLN15-0156 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway (APN: 074-1361-008 and 074-1339-016) (Action Date 4-21-15) 


The project involves ancillary structures on the Oakland Raiders athletic campus, including construction of a new 18,200 square-foot training facility and replacement of an existing 900 square-foot maintenance workshop.  The single-story training facility will be 25 feet in height and clad in prefabricated metal panels.  The new 1,800 square-foot workshop will be a prefabricated single-story structure approximately 12 feet in height.  Both buildings will be screened from public view by existing trees and privacy fences around the site.  The project is located within a CM-PD (Commercial Manufacturing Planned Development) zoning district.

1220 Harbor Bay Parkway Notice

1220 Harbor Bay Parkway Plans

1220 Harbor Bay Parkway Approval


PLN15-0122 3224 Briggs Avenue (Action Date 4-28-15) 


The project consists of an attic conversion of approximately 683 sq. ft. to habitable space within an existing single family residence. The proposal also includes the expansion of a second-story deck located at the rear of the home. Modifications to the floor plans of the home will result in the replacement of ten (10) windows, one (1) door and and addition of three (3) new windows. The project is located within an R-4 (Neighborhood Residential) zoning district.

3224 Briggs Avenue Notice

3224 Briggs Avenue Plans

3224 Briggs Avenue Approval


PLN15-0153 1188 Regent Street (Action Date 4-28-15)


The project consists of repair of fire damage at the rear of the house, including conversion of a sunroom to a bedroom and the addition of a 12 square-foot deck. The project is located within the R-4 (Neighborhood Residential) zoning district. As allowed by the Alameda Municipal Code, the repair work will continue the existing legal nonconforming setback of 1’9” in order to achieve a uniform design and compatibility with the existing structure. 

1188 Regent Street Notice

1188 Regent Street Plans

1188 Regent Stree Approval


PLN15-0121 500 Wind River Way (Action Date 4-28-15)


The project consists of the construction of a new approximately 685 sq. ft. equipment enclosure at the south elevation of an existing office building. The project is located within an C-M-PD (Commercial Manufacturing – Planned Development) zoning district.

500 Wind River Way Notice 

500 Wind River Way Plans

500 Wind River Way Approval


PLN15-0140 2501 Otis Drive (Action Date 5-12-15) 


The project consists of: the demolition of an existing 462 square foot non-historic detached garage; construction of a 410 square foot covered carport; and construction of a 612 square foot addition to the main house.  The proposed covered carport will be connected to the main house by two 50 square foot trellises.  The roof material for the covered carport will be a translucent polycarbonate canopy. The property is located in the R-1 (One-Family Residence) Zoning District.

2501 Otis Drive Notice

2501 Otis Drive Plans


PLN15-0171 903 Delmar Avenue (Action Date 5-27-15)


The project consists of a 41 square-foot addition to accommodate a second floor bathroom expansion in a single family dwelling. The addition will extend out approximately three feet, three inches from the exterior west wall, at the second story, for a width of 12 feet, 8 inches. The addition will be set back from the west property line by approximately six feet. Two windows will be replaced and a small, north-facing window will be added. The new materials will match those on the existing building.  The property is listed on the Historical Buildings Study List with an (H) designation.  The project is located within an R-1 (One Family Residential) zoning district.

903 Delmar Avenue Notice

903 Delmar Avenue Plans


PLN15-0184 2625 Encinal Avenue (Action Date 5-27-15)


The project consists of the conversion of 566 square feet of existing basement area into habitable space and a 30 square foot addition at the rear of the ground floor of the building to accommodate an interior stairway from the existing main level to the converted habitable bottom floor.  The small addition on the rear will have a pair of French doors under a transom window that open up to the rear yard.  Along the rear elevation, one (1) existing door and one (1) single hung window will be removed and replaced with two (2) casement windows and one (1) fixed window, and an exterior stairway will be removed and replaced with two (2) double hung windows and window well to provide egress to the converted habitable bottom floor. The property is located in the R-2 (Two-Family Residence) Zoning District.

2625 Encinal Avenue Notice

2625 Encinal Avenue Plans


PLN15-0187 504 Tideway Drive (Action Date 5-27-15)


The project consists of a porch enclosure on the side (southeast) elevation of an existing single family home. The proposal also consists of 2 new windows on the side (southeast) elevation, and the replacement of 3 windows and 2 patio doors with 2 windows and 3 patio doors. The project is located within an R-3-PD (Garden Residential – Planned Development) zoning district.

504 Tideway Drive Notice 

504 Tideway Drive Plans