Shop Local

Being an Island Shopper helps supporting our local businesses as well as the larger community. A greater share of every dollar spent in Alameda is recirculated in the local economy. Most importantly, sales tax is a major contributor to any City’s budget, providing funds for street repairs, public safety, recreation programs, and library services. In addition, the money spent at local stores helps pay for employees, who in turn spend part of their paychecks here in Alameda. Finally, local businesses are more generous in their support of Alameda non-profit organizations, schools, and community events.


Dine Alameda

Shoppnig local means dining local, too. Alameda has an array of diverse eateries, bars, and lounges all located in your backyard. Check out our restaurant guide and plan your next Island dining adventure. 



Why shop or dine Alameda?

Keeps my sales tax dollars in Alameda

Keeping sales tax dollars in Alameda helps to provide for needed city services. Part of the sales tax on goods and services bought in Alameda goes to the City’s General Fund, which pays for police and fire protection, street repairs, parks and recreation, libraries, and other city services.


Creates healthy environments

Because Alameda merchants are right here in vibrant, compact, walkable shopping districts, residents save on gas and reduce their carbon footprint.


Creates local jobs

Local businesses are the largest employers nationwide. Many merchants are self-employed and hire primarily local residents.


Builds sense of community

What’s better than knowing or getting to know the merchants where you shop? In a small community like Alameda, the degrees of separation are minimal and you may find that you know an Alameda merchant through PTAs, soccer clubs, and many other activities.


Preserves Alameda’s unique charm

Our independent, locally owned stores offer a distinctive shopping experience, stock unique products, and create an authentic sense of place. Many locally owned businesses have become beloved places in the community with a broad and loyal customer base. Their success helps attracting other quality businesses to Alameda.


The Island Shopper initiative is supported by local business organizations including the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Alameda Business Association, the Downtown Alameda Business Association, and the West Alameda Business Association. Refer to these organizations for more detailed information about specific shops or districts.