Survey To Name Alameda Point’s “Town Center”


The City is seeking community input on naming Alameda Point's central hub. We have narrowed the selection down to seven choices, please select your top three choices, or, you are free to use the "other" category to make your own original suggestion. However, please do not propose any proper name of any person, living or deceased. The survey is on the City’s website, or, can be directly accessed at:


Alameda Point's central hub, the orange area on the map below, is currently referred to as "Town Center." This is a transit oriented development with a variety of uses including: pedestrian and bicycle paths, outdoor recreation and open space, mixed use residential development, as well as a variety of retail and commercial space.

Map of Waterfront


This survey will remain open until 6:00 pm on Tuesday, September 24, 2013. On Wednesday, September 25 the results of this survey will be announced at the joint meeting of the City Council and the Planning Board.