Current Draft Documents

As the planning process for Alameda Point formalizes the Master Infrastructure Plan and the Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan, as well as Zoning Ordinance amendments and possible General Plan amendments, draft documents will be available here for public viewing.


The documents currently under review are:


Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan

   1: Precise Plan Framework

   2: Existing Conditions

   3: Access and Mobility, Part 1Part 2Part 3

   4: Open Space, Landscape, and Sustainability

   5: Land Use and Development Regulations

   6: Phasing and Implementation

   7: Infrastructure

   8: Administration and Enforcement


Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDM)

Transportation Demand Management Appendices

   TDM Appendix A

   TDM Appendix B

   TDM Appendix C

   TDM Appendix D, pt 1

   TDM Appendix D, pt 2